Urban Fantasy

Friday, September 24, 2004

The E-Bilical Cord

Have I mentioned yet that my mother Facebooked me?

Well, my mother Facebooked me.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Urban... Tragedy

So, am out at Irish Times, where, depsite being surrounded by horny football Miami football fans (obv. hetero men) and being a woman who is a) tolerable to look at and b) knows her way around college football, failed to pick up a guy by 12:15. Which, lets face it, is the make or break point of the night. If you pick someone up after 12:15, you alre clearly sending a signal readin g" I am desperate to have sex and in the absence of better prospects you will suffice."

To top it off, had shitty day at work (RB particularly evil today, jst all arnd gaaah). Winder if am not happy with career, relationship status, roommate (grrrr ridiculous high shcool X drama), what the hell am I doing?????? Why am I not chucking it all to go live in some backpackers community in European locales filled with dense beers, wild adventures and men with accents??? Wywhywhywhywhywhwyhy???

Have enormous guilt that am not more affected by September 11 anniversary. It is wrong to spend this night in selfish yuppie whining when a mere three years ago... urgh, was going to write something awful like "life was changed forever" but am in no way equipped to be profound or subversively ironic on anniversary in current state.

This may be a cop out, but feel very strongly that there is already far too much BS, amateurish writing on September 11 in this world. I have my story, my memories, but my analysis is nowhere complete enough in my mind to inflict it on others. So let's please just leave it at that.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Shiny Happy... Material Posessions

The Sister was here all weekend, which was surprisingly fun. She still lapses into uncomfortably long periods of silence with no warning, made all the more uncomfortable by the fact that she appears to be very comfortable in her silence, leaving you feeling as though there must be something wrong with you to find all this silence to be unnerving. Then you start resenting your little sister for possessing the ability to make you feel uncomfortable. Then you start being jealous of her possessing that kind of power at a mere seventeen years old.

No? Just me?

Silences aside, was v.g. weekend. Much shopping, watching of fun movies that only The Sister and I would appreciate (why is it that everyone in Hippie Hometown can recite along with Monty Python and the Holy Grail, including the opening credit subtitles, and my friends in DC act as though I'm making them watch a four-hour Norweigan documentary on seagulls? It's funny, people). Friday night we made the traditional "Taking Someone's Underage Relative for Illegal Margaritas" Pilgrimage to Lauriol, followed by the semi-annual "Women of Family Drunkenly Howling 'Love Shack' With Token Drunk Male Friend" (as first established at our parent's 25th Anniversary party in 1999). Parents went to Stratford this weekend and kept on raving about the wonderful B&B they stayed in, which was clearly doublespeak for "We can't believe how much sex we're having." Ewewew.

I'm so enjoying playing with my new iPod! Yes, yes, I finally broke down and bought one yesterday, along with the red leather Kenneth Cole bag I've been drooling over for 2 months. Rationalized both purchases through a complicated system:

1. Wanted both for a long time, so clearly not infatuation along lines of initial bag (ew! what could I have been thinking?!?), Ugg boots (no comment necessary) or junior year Water Polo Mistake (no comment).

2. Would have spent money on theraputic subsitute purchases, such as Black T-shirt #17, and would therefore be out significant amount of money but without desired ends. Like throwing up without the fun of getting liquored up first. Have now made promise to self that will not shop until after the election (tho not specific to election of John Kerry-- am optimistic and loyal Democrat, huzzah party! etc, but also have my eye on new boots before 2008).

3. With purchase of iPod, will now begin running regimen in neighborhood that will allow me practical, healthy manner in which to de-stress from work (re: not involving wine, microwave popcorn, herion or similar). Also, will begin taking bus to work since have beautiful new device to keep auditorally occupied, thus saving money on gas, parking tickets, and the continued avoidance of getting roped into running tape around town after workday is officially over. So really, buying a $300 iPod will make me thinner, richer, more efficient and generally a better person!

4. There is no justification for the bag. It's just red and shiny and pretty.