Urban Fantasy

Thursday, January 13, 2005

It's the people you meet in the neighborhood

X (4:37:58 PM): wanna go to the liquor store
EJ (4:38:26 PM): sho
X (4:38:47 PM): where is there one near us
X (4:38:50 PM): aside from the wine place
EJ (4:39:58 PM): there's one on east capitol that sells the hard stuff
EJ (4:40:06 PM): on senator landrieu's block
X (4:40:18 PM): oh right

You just don't have these IM conversations in Michigan

And from the annals of great early 1990's animation:

"The Brain: We must head to a place where overweight, middle-aged people go to party and throw away money.

Pinky: Capitol Hill?"


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