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Thursday, January 20, 2005

I've started several attempts at posts over the last week, and they all sucked. Just sucked. Event-based nonwriting. Do you want to know about how I ran into, and immaturely avoided The Ex twice in one Saturday? Or how there was an Inauguration today, and I've spent all day reeling from how little I care about something I am supposed to hate and push against, that I've devoted my entire nascent political and professional life to defeating? Or how The Sister, for the sake of appearances, lied to our entire family for four months about something idiotic and trivial, yet scary and huge for all the issues behind it?

Here's what's what. Tomorrow, once I officially hire my replacement at work, I am buying a ticket. To Rome. And I am leaving.

I will be coming back, eventually. But not before I spend Valentine's Day in Verona, St. Patrick's Day in Dublin, Easter Sunday at the Vatican. Not before I get hopelessly lost and find myself again.

I spent all four years of college putting on a suit and going to work, standing in line at Starbucks at 8 AM, standing at the Metro, standing over a copy machine duplicating other people's work. So much time pretending to be a grownup, when I should have been enjoying my last grasp at being a kid.

I'll be a grownup someday. Someday soon. But for now, after a false start out of the gate, I'm going to find out what else is outside of this small town, small world, I inhabit now.


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