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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Old acquaintance be forgot

I am so not meant for polite society. Or, for that matter, functioning amongst other humans.

To recap: when I had the chance to impress Someone (yes, the same Someone of previous entries-- was granted a reprieve by Fate), instead was so nervous that got ridiculously, sloppy, idiotically, yack-tastically ill after only 5 gimlets. Am really not sure how that happened. Usually drink around that amount in a typical 3-4 hour night out, which if you split it up, really isn't more than 1.3 drinks per hour, which is significant but not destructive. X and J suggested the someone might have spiked my drink, which I scoffed off because I was too busy trying not to throw up my water, but the more I think about it, it would be a rational explanation. However, since there really isn't any way to prove it now that over 36 hours have passed and since I will clearly never be seeing that Someone again, suppose there is no point.

To clarify, if I was drugged, I'm sure it wasn't him. For one thing, he took care of me and was a total gentleman the entire night. After cleaning up after me, he let me pass on on his bed while he took the futon, and didn't blink an eye when I didn't come to until 11:15. Even that evidence aside, I can't see him doing something that awful. He's such a Boy Scout. And a straight man who loves musical theater. And is very clean. And in great shape. And well-read.

I am such a jackass.

And I'm very sorry for 2004.


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