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Monday, February 07, 2005

Fun With Links and Righteous Indignation

During the Job That Must Not Be Named, I read a lot of blogs. Most of them were funny, some of them were touching and intelligent, all were snarky and bitter as hell. One of my favorites effectively sums up much of what is wrong with my fair city. However, recent events prove that when Red Staters bitch about what those Crazy Politicians are doing with Our Tax Dollars in Washington, the real waste of time is happening just over the river with our bucktoothed, inbred bastard stepchild of a neighbor:

1. Bigots just do not get enough support in our public schools. No seriously, they have feelings too!

"Heather, thank you for bringing your family photo album and your mommies to Show and Tell. Now, Cletus will tell the class why he thinks you should all burn in hell."

Please bear in mind that this is in Fairfax. Not some slackjawed yokel district on a mountainside, but Fairfax County.

2. For when your bumper isn't adequate to express your hatred of the gays.

Isn't it great? When you're driving Cletus and Bobbie Sue Betty Jo Ann to the shootin' range after their public-school sanctioned queer-bashing, no one will mistake you for another liberal homo-lovin' pansy ass Commie Jew! Just in case your "God Hates Gays" and "Neener-Neener, You Can't Buttfuck in the Bonds of Matrimony" bumper stickers left any room for debate, this lovely license plate will clear matters up!

I mean really. Can these people find no other way to spend their time? I can think of a few pressing concerns.


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