Urban Fantasy

Saturday, April 16, 2005

New Blog

OK kids. I'm tired of this blog, since it has a lot of negativity, whining and incredibly stupid work-related ramblings on it. Therefore, I will no longer be writing it, and will disavow all knowledge of it if confronted by members of the media.

Check out ejtakeslife.blogspot.com for much for interesting writing/linking goodness.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

You're Going to Have to Make a Few Compromises

I'm back from Europe. Nothing and everything is different. I really, powerfully, achingly miss Europe, and yet all too easily remember how much I ached to be home those last few days where everything was going wrong. If this trip was a voyage of self-discovery, as one reader so cheesily referred to it, then I'm pretty sure I washed up on Discontent Depressive Island by the end. Not in like a life-ending way, don't worry; in the "what if I'm never actually happy no matter what I'm doing with my life?!" kind of way. This means a lot of listening to Avenue Q and reminding myself that no one, but no one, actually likes their lives a great deal. There's also been a lot of sleeping and watching TiVo'ed episodes of Dawson's Creek, because that is a bitter, bitter pill to swallow.

I also developed an even stronger propensity for clunky metaphors. Not speaking English on a regular basis for 2 months makes a girl a little rusty.

So I'm looking for a job, which is just always a total hoot. So far, I have interviewed with a teeny industry newspaper whose editor accused me of leaking secrets during my last job, and with a higher ed firm for a job that would be absolutely freaking perfect for me. However, Said Firm has declared the work, despite being exactly what my mother's colleague with a master's in PR and five years experience does, to be an internship. As in, small stipend, no benefits, with a humiliating title. As in, the exact same scenario I was supposed to never encounter again after The Job That Must Not Be Named.

At least I'm temping for a while at X's firm, doing data entry. The great irony of professional life is that monkey work will get you ten bucks an hour, but challenging marketing work that requires a unique skill set and phenomenal people skills is considered an internship. Perhaps the Cabinet positions will next be considered internships. I know a lot of International Affairs tools at GW who would gladly sign up, but of course only if they can get class credit for being Secretary of State.

I miss Europe. It didn't matter if I was an intern there. People still liked to talk to me and get drunk with me. Rawr.